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 Our Story.

We (Jamie and Danielle) met online in 2018 and bonded over our love of LGBT books and fandoms. 

In late 2019, frustrated with the lack of inclusion of queer books and characters (especially characters) in popular book boxes, we went on the hunt for an LGBT-focused book box. And couldn’t find one. 

So, we started to toss around the idea of creating a new book box focused on queer lit and characters. Yeah, it would be a LOT of work (we had no idea how much, but we do now), but it could also be very rewarding.

It was scary, but the thing was.... we just love love love queer books. We want to read them. We want to see merchandise featuring queer pairs (of all sorts!!). We want to make people excited to open a box and (hopefully) love all of the things that we lovingly curated inside. And so, we talked about it. We asked around in book communities. We got a mentor. And ultimately, we decided that we had to give it a shot. Nobody else was going to! And so... here we are!⁠ 

Thank you celebrating queer books with us.